Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Still Waiting...

It seems that during every lunch period the conversation ends with a highly opinionated discussion about the status of the U.S. Presidential Election. Right now with Bush as the certified "winner" of Florida's 25 Electoral votes, Gore is on a rampage to find "justice" and get all the votes properly recounted. But who's to say what a proper recount is and what is fair? All I know is that as a democratic process during this year's election has been very unsatisfactory. At this point neither candidate has been able to appease the public and make them feel a part of the election process. Both Bush and Gore have been making petty statements and threatening each other with lawsuits and retaliation...very poor sportsmanship on either side. Although I would prefer for my candidate to win, at this point I just would like to see a fair resolution and I would like the country to just move on. Whatever happened to our gracious leaders (like when Ford beat Nixon and still the country stood behind him)? Forget Gore or Bush...maybe Mrs. Gore and Mrs. Bush would like to run the country for a while.

Stork Parking...

As usual, this morning I parked in the same parking area that I normally do and despite the fact that I arrived 40 minutes or so earlier than my usual time I was still quite a ways from the entrance to my office building. Being 8 months pregnant this distance can be quite a hike and my waddling keeps getting more pronounced as the days go by.

Well, a few months ago I visited the parking office at my company and inquired about getting a temporary space within the designated medical parking areas which are right next to the building. The fall out of the discussion was that I could not get a parking pass unless I first got my Doctor's approval and then went City Hall to get a temporary medical permit. I found this to be not only inconvenient but kind of embarrassing because I felt that pregnancy should not be a handicap but rather just a temp condition that sometimes requires a little more courtesy on the part of others. I expected such a huge organization to have Stork know for mom's to be so that we don't have to run the risk of falling on ice in the winter but what do I know. I had resigned myself not to feel incapacitated because quite frankly I am feeling fine and the exercise is good for me. Problem solved, right?

As I was waddling in today I saw a middle-aged man getting out of his car which was parked in the first row right across the street from the building entrance in one of the Medical Permit spots. As he was getting out, I thought well maybe he has debilitating arthritis and walks with difficulty or maybe he is on a waiting list for a heart and lung transplant. But then I saw him sprint across the street and about 100 yards down to the side entrance. I saw no huffing! I witnessed no sudden knee buckling nor did I see any clutching of the chest! So how did this guy get a Medical Permit and what Doctor or City Hall administrator in their right mind signed the paper work allowing him to take up this parking spot (not to mention all the other prime Handicap spots available to him throughout the city)? Needless to say, I was a little blogged off...If I don't need the spot, then how could a seemingly able bodied man in the prime of his life need this spot? Aren't there more deserving people?

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

When we were young...

Ever notice that things just don't taste the same as when you were little? For example, yesterday I treated myself to a package of Hostess Ho Hos which I remember as being the epitome of chocolate-covered, cream-filled, sugary goodness. It seems like between the ages of 5 and 10, these little cylindrical cakes could soothe any ill. As a child, the first bite made you feel like Charlie at Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. Just a little kid let loose in a candy heaven. Well my first bite yesterday just did not have the same effect. Instead the cake kinda fell apart after taking it out of the wrapper. Unlike the Oreo where you can't eat the filling and cookie parts separately, you just can't do the same with a Ho Ho. The chocolate covered cake part tasted a little like paper mache and the creamy filling was a little like children's paste. Nevertheless, I was determined to give these childhood memories a chance and proceeded to polish off all 3 Ho Hos in the package. Each was as bland as the hoo! I seem to have had the same experience with Twinkies where there is just not as much filling as I remember and with Snickers, which used to be packed full of peanuts but are more nougat now-a-days. The only candy bar that never disappoints me is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. They still fulfill the child in me.

By the way, why are Ho Hos called Ho Hos and not Ho Ho Hos...the package contains 3 cakes? Twinkies I can understand--"Twin" meaning 2 of.

Monday, November 27, 2000

Home again...

We are finally home again! Yeah! It was a great but hectic week with all the holiday preparations and family gatherings. I didn't have to do a thing because Ken's mom and my mom are always so under control. My only job on Saturday was to look as pregnant as I could and graciously open all the wonderful gifts people brought for the baby. Still, I think smiling and trying to remember people that I haven't seen since my wedding 2 years ago just tuckered me out. It was nice just to sit and chat with both sets of parents after everyone left. Now Ken and I have alot of sorting and unpacking to do. We brought home a truck load of baby stuffs from onesies to a carseat. People were extremely generous so I think that we are relatively well stocked with the exception of diapers. Okay, enough baby talk...Thanks mom and Bebe for planning all of this! And thanks to the dads for putting up with all the women bossing them around for a couple of days.

During our stay at home, we were able to visit some friends of ours that just built their house. We went to get a tour and check the place out. They decided to live out in a wooded area with lots of land and very few neighbors except for the bison farm. The house was beautiful, they really did a nice job. As we were chatting in the kitchen with the other 3 couples, it was funny to see how "grown-up" we had all gotten over the last 4 years. A few years ago we would've been drinking at the Mystic Margaritaville and staying out til closing (which in N.E. is only 2am) but here we were having come from a baby shower, celebrating someone's 2 yr anniversary, looking at a newly built home, and discussing future career plans and stock options over platters of cheese and glasses of wine. How weird! When did this transformation happen? And when will the topics of discussion change to include osteoporosis, menopause, impotence and high-blood pressure? I am not sure that I am ready to continue this route of progressive aging. I think that next time I am going to try to get people to go out to Margaritaville again or maybe some the Macarena still a popular dance?

Friday, November 24, 2000

Over and out...

Another Thanksgiving there comes the holiday rush! Ken and I haven't been able to come to a family Thanksgiving for over 4 years. The last time we were in CT for this blessed event we were announcing our engagement. This time we are celebrating our pregnancy and baby boy to be. I had forgotten how LOUD our families can be. Our house is pretty quiet with just the 2 of us, so when we come home all the senses get overwhelmed by the joyful bantering and multiple conversations happening around us. It was kinda funny because the baby who is usually very active with his kicking was very quiet for most of the day. I think he was freaked out by all the activity and noise around him or maybe he is good at just tuning people out and sleeping. Anyway, later on when I went to bed and things quieted down, he was like a bag of kittens in my belly...squirming and kicking. It was like he was ready to party but the party was over. Anyway, the food was great, the company better and today my parents are coming down from MASS to help with baby shower preparations. It's nice to be surrounded by family!

Wednesday, November 22, 2000


Wow! I am actually blogging from a reclining chair at my in-law's house! They read my blog using WebTV. The connection was pretty fast, the graphics are okay, the text...easy to read from 7 feet away. I wonder if I can convince Mac Computers to create a G4 like this with a cordless keyboard and mouse and a bigass screen. Actually, some of the HTML formatting is lost because of the size of the screen and graphics but for the most part, not so bad..."it'll do pig, it'll do."

Thanks to the generosity of boss-man, Joel (this is where I am doing a little ass kissing...hee,hee) Ken and I were able to leave Rochester for Connecticut yesterday evening at around 4:45 (after my Dr's appt). We managed to stay ahead of the snow squalls developing through Syracuse and Albany. Traffic was not too bad going east but the thruway was horrid on the westbound side towards Buffalo because of the freakish snow storm they got hit with a couple of days ago. So we arrived in CT at around 11:30pm last night unscathed.

This week will be full of Thanksgiving and baby shower preparations, family and friends and a visit from my parent's dog, Obi-Wan. It will surely be both fun and hectic. I am prepared for all kinds of cooing and belly know the usual baby shower activities. Ken and friends will be hiding out in the den watching football and sneaking food. Wish me luck. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and be safe! Peace-out...

Monday, November 20, 2000

Welcome Home Kenny!

Kenny is back! Yea! I finally got a decent night's sleep last night. It seemed like he had been gone for such a long time (it was only a week). I guess I was just nervous about being 7 months pregnant and home alone. We celebrated his birthday, which was Nov. 18th, with chocolate frosted M&M cupcakes and presents galore (Adidas Cologne, Bop it Extreme Game, American Pie DVD, and a Torso Tracker). It is really great to have him home. It was so easy to say goodbye for the summer when we first started dating in '91 but now that we have been together for almost 11 years...well...we have really become a family and home is where we are together. Have a Happy 29th Birthday Kenny and Welcome Home!

Wednesday, November 15, 2000


I can't seem to sleep...Ken has been out of town since Sunday and I have the whole bed to myself. You would think that this would be a good thing...not to have to share a bed with anyone, be able to stretch out, sleep with untucked blankets, eat in bed, leave my clothes strewn about the room...but no...I can't sleep! It seems that I have gotten use to having him sleep so close to me that he literally pushes me out of bed. Apparently, I enjoy the occasional elbow in the face in the middle of the night and his teeth grinding is like a sweet lullaby to my ears. Now my own snore wakes me up and I toss and turn all night trying to find the right spot. The only thing that has made me feel better is putting a couple of pillows along his side of the a pretend husband. What I do is line the pillows up in the middle of the bed under the covers. This way I have only about 2 feet of space on the my side of the bed to sleep on. It's not quite the real thing but it will have to do.

Monday, November 13, 2000

Nuttin' Happenin'

Well, here we are, one week after elections and still nuttin' happenin'. I can't believe that it is taking this long for people to recognize that a "do-over" might be just the thing we need to make this game fair. It seems strange that some people are describing our democracy as being the process with which one candidate concedes the win to the other. Well, let me tell you, if it weren't for those people who stood up against the British government and did things that were not considered polite (Boston Tea Party) then we would not have the kind of independence that we currently enjoy. Look at Susan B. Anthony, where would the women's vote be if she did not fight for her right to vote and today Bush, with his law suit to stop the recount, is telling all of the Floridian citizens (and for that matter the citizens of this nation) that their vote does not matter and they should not have bothered going to the polls. Whatever!

Over the weekend, hob-knobbed with area physicians, got new specs, napped to the drone of football, and sent my hubby off to New England to find a job. It was a relatively uneventful weekend. Aside from the obligatory appearance at the annual Strong Resident get-together at the Boss's house, we did the usual trip to the mall, dinner, football/napping kinda stuff. Just my kinda lazy weekend. The Boss's party was fun enough. We were fed crackers, cheese, fruit and desserts. We expected dinner, which is what usually happens, so we neglected to eat before going. Not a good idea. We ended up coming back home to chicken noodle soup and frozen dinners.

On Saturday I got new specs...very Lisa Loeb kinda funky cool! I think I will wear these more often. I will have to post a picture of them.

Oh! We did go to our first birthing class which was surprisingly fun. The instructor was very friendly and her stories were amusing. I did feel a little uncomfortable doing all the silly breathing exercises but I figure that when the day comes I can at least laugh about all of this. I am not looking forward to all the gory details about labor. (I have watched deliveries on The Learning Channel and sometimes found myself vowing to never have children.) We will be watching several delivery movies with the intention of making us feel comfortable about what is going to happen but I would rather not see or know every detail. Just think about the perspective that I will have...I will only be able to look down at myself, in between my legs, not really seeing any stretching or pulling of delicate areas and now they want to actually show me this! How insane! Wouldn't you think that the less a woman is aware of the mess her body is making the more likely she will have a second child. It's not like the baby comes out of a nostril in plain view, instead it comes out of an area that is not necessarily supposed to see the light of day unless you are in Negril Jamaica (right Kenny). The design of the human body is obvious, in this case I don't think that the woman in labor is really meant to see all her business. Instead, I think that she is supposed to experience the romantic aspects of labor like hearing the child's first cry, seeing his little angry red face for the first time, watching her partner pass out on the floor...these are the Kodak moments I am looking forward to not the melon coming out of a quarter-sized opening thing.

Thursday, November 09, 2000

Good Morning!

I am always bummed-out when I come in and I don't have any new email in my inbox. I don't know...there is something about this cyber connection. I feel like I am missing out on something or that my friends have better things to do then to send me email and here I am waiting (how pathetic). It's like when you were in highschool and you waited around to hear from the boy that promised he would call. Oh well, at least I feel like I am 15 again...lonely and dejected. This is an official petition for email. Take some time and send me a line. You can find an email link on the side nav. Later!

Wednesday, November 08, 2000

First Dick now Bush!

Pun intended! What is this country coming to? Last night I experienced what could have only been the most exciting and frustrating presidential election of my lifetime. The earliest presidential election I can remember was Carter/Ford in '78. I was only 8 years old so I really can't recall any details but I do remember that a "peanut farmer" from the south had defeated a popular President, Gerald Ford. I was quite in awe of the hype around the election process and it was especially important for my family since it marked the 1st presidential election my mom and dad participated in. At the time, my parents were in their late 20s and had moved from Puerto Rico with 2 small children and one on the way. Puerto Ricans are citizens of both PR and the US but can only participate in the presidential elections while living in the States.

So fast forward 22 yrs. Now, at 30 (and about the same age as my parents were back in '78), I finally got to experience the true grit of a presidential election. I had always cast my vote as an absentee because of college and what not so this was the first time that I actually had the opportunity of pulling the lever to close the curtain and flicking archaic switches to mark my choices. Wow! What an experience! But I digress ...The real clincher was the fact that I felt like a participant of this year's hit reality TV show Survivor where a bunch of people living on a deserted island in Malaysia cast votes to oust their fellow tribe members all vying for the glory of being the million dollar winner. Who won...well Dick of course! Richard Hatch, the most unscrupulous, conniving rat on the whole island, won the survivor challenge by forming alliances and saying just the right things to the right suckers. Who cares if the guy had no substance or experience in survival tactics? The game was played out just as expected. The biggest bully of a crab pulled down and trampled on every other crab in the barrel on his way to the top. Now if this doesn't reflect US societal and political values than I don't know what does!

Who will be the next survivor? Will "backwoods" Bush really be dubbed President-elect and beat the well intentioned, highly educated, and more experienced Gore? It is too close to call! What I don't understand is how it could be soooo close? I know that neither of these candidates fulfill the nation's need for a "Ward Cleaver" kind of father figure and I know that the Messiah may have other more important things to do than run for president, but how did everyone else make their decision? All I can say is that it seems like the American people made their decision for the next leader of the free world the same way Richard won the Survivor challenge...It all came down to who held onto his "pole" (wink, wink, nod, nod) longer. In the case of Richard Hatch, Rudy's failure to hold on to the totem "pole" clinched the win for the Tagi Alliance. For Bush, it seems like President Clinton's insistence on playing with his "pole" might have won Bush the seat. Welcome to the year 2000! Where boys will be boys!

What to say and not to say to a pregnant woman

I was reading my weekly pregnancy e-newsletter and found a list of things to say and avoid saying to a pregnant woman. I thought this list would be helpful to a lot of people especially since I will be home for Thanksgiving where my mom and mom-in-law are planning a family baby shower. So this is for all of those people that will be tempted to pat my expanding belly and make a comment on my appearance. Thanks...

What to Say and What Not to Say to a Mother-to-be

Tuesday, November 07, 2000

One Vote Can Make a Difference

Check out Jenny's blog to see how...Great Info!


I neglected to blog yesterday so I am a little behind (actually my behind is not that little, but you know what I mean). The weekend was quite uneventful with the exception that for some kind of reason, I was exhausted on Sunday and literally slept all day. I got up relatively early with full intention of doing my weekly grocery shopping and random errands but instead ended up dozing in the recliner drooling on a copy of "The Poisonwood Bible". Now the thing is that the book is very good, but I just couldn't stay awake. I ended up doing all of my errands in the evening. How boring!

Yesterday's Big Event

I am finally dipping my toes into the digital imaging world! I bought my first Digital Camera! It is a Grape colored DC240i (the Blueberry Bundle is currently in the Kodak online store). I am sooo excited! Maybe it will help make my blog more interesting.

Oh, I also met my unborn child's pediatrician yesterday. What a surreal experience that meet someone that is going to take care of someone that is not even born yet. The meeting was also a more concrete reminder of the fact that when this new person comes out...we are responsible of taking care of it! Wow, I barely remember to brush and floss my teeth every night! Wish me luck...

Today's Happenings

Today is a HUGE day! Of course, today is election day and I am looking forward to "making history"...just as long a Bush doesn't win :-(.

As for the rest of the day, my 96 VW (which I paid off this month) is in the shop today getting an entire overhaul which I thought would cost about $600 or so. Now I found out that I need an even bigger overhaul to the tune of $1200-$1500...ouch! I really hate this car stuff because I never feel like I can trust the mechanics and I don't know enough about cars to gauge whether or not I am getting a good deal. At least my dad-in-law (being a mechanic himself) is my saviour because he can tell us if we are getting screwed or not. Come to find out, all of the stuff that needs to be done to my car was a "good deal" after all. Thanks Dad "D"!

Friday, November 03, 2000

My Little Drummer Boy...

Last night was a big night at my household. I was hosting this month's book club and expecting around 8 or so guests in my teeny town-house. Ken was really fantastic. He is currently on vacation and decided to make our house presentable for our guests. He also had dinner waiting for me, the table set, and helped me get the munchies organized for the party. When the book club members started to arrive he opened the door, welcomed them, and took their coats. At least until "Friends" started at 8:00 p.m.

But this is not all we did last night. Right before people started to arrive, Ken decided that he would try to acclimate our not-yet-born baby to rock music. Ken grew up with a Dad who played in a Rock band and has acquired some musical talents of his own. The baby was first submitted to a tortuously loud drum solo, followed by incomplete piano renditions of rock songs of the 80s, then treated to electric guitar versions of indy rock. Once the jam session was over, we moved upstairs when "dad/Ken" decided to play all of the Beatles Songs from the White Album. After about 30 minutes (and just minutes before we expected company), I decided that we had submitted the poor unborn child to more than his share of "anglo" type music so Ken put in Ricky Martin's "Shake your bon-bon" to add a little Latin flare. Well the whole family (Ken, Me and baby) decided to start a Latin dance party...then the guests arrived. This is what my house is like...weird isn't it?

Thursday, November 02, 2000

My goes to...

Yea! I finally figured out how to change the BlogDarnit template that I chose to use. Now I know how to make my blog prettier. I hope you like it... As for giving thanks, I'd like to take this moment and thank both Jenny for her creative inspirations (and for letting me borrow some photo cds) and to Andy for being patient enough to teach me how to read/edit CSS. Being a visual designer, I am definitely more comfortable with the graphics and typography. Color and information is my thing but throw some code in front of me and watch me hyperventilate. But Andy, he is like Neo in the Matrix. He can sit in front of code and see in 3-D. I really admire web developers, they can really read between the lines. As for me, I need a little bit more...but I am learning. Thanks guys!

Oh! I almost forgot! I am hosting "Book Klub" tonight and I am so excited. I spent all evening cooking yesterday and making the preparations. For snacks we have: Zucchini Squares (which are like a yummy quiche) and Black Bean Dip with tortilla chips (recipe courtesy of my friend Cynthia). For dessert I am going to share my Halloween candies and beverages include: hot cider, soda, and coffee. Unfortunately I can't spike anything because there are a couple of us preggos in the group and some of the others are nursing soooo it is quite a little mommies club. But let me tell you, the book we are discussing--John Irving's, "A widow for one year"-- is quite a sexy book so I am sure we will not be talking about mommy things.

Wednesday, November 01, 2000

Boo, Hoo! :-(

I was soooo looking forward to giving out candy to the little trick or treaters this year and all I got was a lousy 12 kids...and they all came during dinner time. Little bastards! Anyway, this Halloween was pretty uneventful at my house. I even stopped at ghetto Wegs on the way home to pick up more treats (I bought individually wrapped Double Stuff Oreos...mmmmm) and no one came! Well, at least I have a big bowl of candy at home AND let me tell you, its all the good candy like MMs, Snickers, Baby Ruths, Oreos. You know, all the NAME BRANDS! Maybe, it wasn't such a bad Halloween anyway...I love Halloween!