Friday, December 29, 2000

Out of Blogulation

As you can tell from my last entry, I haven't posted a blog in a while. My life has been pretty uneventful up until this week with getting up, going to work, going back home, eating, sleeping and then repeating the cycle day in and day out. Not that I am complaining... most of the time it is nice to be just ordinary. No sicknesses, no emergencies, no headaches, just plain old living... good and hearty! Well this is what I am hoping for in the new "real" millennium. Just a plain and simple life with my husband, my new baby (who will be born in 2001), and with a good solid plan in life (job, house, family etc). Lately, my little uneventful venture in this world has become complicated by computer problems...I think I killed my Mac... and my hubby has not been feeling too well, baby is doing great but I am getting nervous and it friggin' snows every blog day! So a little peace and quite will be nice for the New Year! Happiest of New Years to everyone and most of all to all the people that were so generous to me this year. Thanks Tina, Joel, Jenny, Abby (for the Ricky Martin CD), Danica, Telle, Mom and Dad "D" and all the extended family, Mami y Papi, my brothers and most of all Kenny.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000


I was cleaning out my armoire this weekend and I found an old box of pics that I hadn't organized yet. I have these kinds of boxes and bag-o-photos hidden all over my house. I am not very good at archiving these precious keepsakes so everytime I develop a roll of film it just gets stashed with the rest of the orphan photos strewn about my house. The one good thing is that there is a bit of a surprise factor everytime I clean or look in my many junk drawers because I find these "photo treasures":

Menudo circa 1984

This is the only photo that I have of my one brush with my childhood crush...the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo! Ricky Martin, my all time favorite, was in this group (he was about 13 or 14 at the time) but I was not able to get him in the, hoo :-(. This pic was taken at the Miss Menudo pageant held in San Juan, PR. My friend was competing. A few years later (1986) she would have the boys over her house and yet again I missed meeting them by just minutes. Rats, I could've been Mrs. Ricky Martin...of course I would divorce him once I found out his true sexual orientation (or so my husband says). He's just jealous!

Go Team!

Here we are the Holy Cross Cheerleading squad August 1989 at the BU cheerleading camp. Go 'Saders! We won for team spirit! At least we won something because in the looks department we were suffering a little this particular afternoon. I am the one right smack in the middle in the back row. Being one of the tallest girls, I was always the one holding up the pyramids. I could lift 135 over my head! I could also do the splits which was a very good pick up line. (just kidding)

Monday, December 11, 2000

Today was a mmmm good day...

Beautiful aren't they! These are just a sample of the cookies that were on display during "CookiePalooza" earlier. In honor of the Holiday's several people at the office organized a cookie tasting and sharing event. Over 25 kinds of cookies were submitted. Alot of holiday poundage, Phew! Jenny won the grand prize for "Best looking" cookies with her assortment of gingerbread snowmen, bunnies, and carrots. I shared some of my spanish sugar cookies (aka polvorones) which remind me of my childhood Christmases baking cookies with mom. And Joel really out did himself with a clever version of the merenge puff. He made them into stacked Christmas trees. Well done everyone!

Oh, btw, to add to the greatness of this event, as the 'Palooza photographer, I finally got a chance to try out my new Kodak DC24Oi Camera. Woo, hoo! I am stoked!

Friday, December 08, 2000

Mission....not accomplished

So I promised my co-workers that I would stop off at the new Krispy Kreme to purchase a dozen donuts for breakfast. Now the key to a Kreme donut is to get them while they're hot...or so I am told by Jenny. So my plan was to stop by this morning and hope that I caught a lull in the line. But no! I got to the location and there were at least 50 or so cars waiting for the drive thru and no less then 100 people waiting in line in the makeshift tent they have outside of the store. I took this as a sign of no Kreme for us today.

When I arrived empty handed at work I informed people that the line was just too long then Joel says "I walked right in there...last night!" Well good for him. But that defeats the purpose of getting the donuts while they are hot and besides, if he did walk in there last night why isn't there a box of donuts here this morning? Well, it seems like Krispy Kreme donuts are not for sharing. Joel and his family of 3 (2 adults and a toddler) managed to get through 2 dozen last night so you know those Kremes weren't going to make it past midnight let alone get here this morning. And when I called my hubby, he mentioned that someone had brought in a couple of dozen donuts into the office but they could only get their hands on one cold donut that they passed around for everyone to take a bite...a Community Donut. I think they were planning a "donut coup" in order to bully the people that are hogging the tasty pastries so that they could get another bite or two. I hope they succeed! Viva la Revolucion!

Thursday, December 07, 2000

Mama needs new boots!

Well, it finally happened. I can't see my feet due to the huge barricade provided by my expanding baby belly (see above picture). No that is not a smiley face peeking out from under a wooly blanket. Those two little black elipses are my feet and the wooly blanket is my belly under my stretched out J-Crew sweater. It used to be such a nice sweater. Now it is a nice sweater with a big bulge in the middle. The reason I am even mentioning my disappearing lower appendages is that as I was putting on my boots in preparation of the winter wonderland-like weather...mind you this is no easy task because I can't seem to be able to reach my feet in order to tie my shoelaces...Anyway, I blindly threw on my boots and it wasn't until later in the day, when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, that I realized how very unfashionable and...well...UGLY my boots were. I need to go boot shopping. I need some kicks with attitude . You know, the kind of shoes that look as if they could trample a man's heart and make him my love slave. The kind of shoes that say "Wow, now that is some sexy pregnant woman", a boot that will make me live up to the name of "my babies mama". Do you think I can get this style of shoe with enough tread in the soles to prevent me from slipping on ice or will I have to resort to those functional but unfashionable work boots so very popular in western New York?

Please, if you are reading this blog, send help and point me to boot styles you think will be kick*ss yet practical.

Tuesday, December 05, 2000

Ugly Jealousy...

So I was talking to my husband on the phone this morning when all of a sudden I realized that he was no longer addressing me but rather a female voice in the background. There was no malice in this momentary distraction. Instead he was very good a relaying what the person was saying. So this is how the conversation went:

Keana, Medical Technician/Doc-sniff: Oh, hi! Are you on the phone! I think you look like one of the old Menudo members . (read: You are sooo cute! I like Doctor's....)

Me, Doctor's wife/ex-Menudo Fan: Which Menudo member? What is she talking about? (thinking: You don't have a tacky perm or consider neon colored headbands a cool fashion accessory.)

Keana, Tenacious B*tch: I can't remember which one but I can picture you in tight leather pants and ...(sounding like: irritating high pitched voice with Rosy Perez-like 'Rican accent trail off)

Ken, Nice Naive Doc: Tight leather pants, huh, huh, huh...Millie, she says that I would look good in tight leather pants.

Me, now a little irritated at the grating female voice in the background Okay, gotta go. I don't know about the pants...could you tell her to stop picturing you in tight leather pants? and to stop flirting with don't look like any Menudo that I can remember...

This is just a little taste of our conversation this morning. Throughout the day we emailed a couple of times back and forth about this Menudo look-a-like subject and the fact that I was ready to crawl through the phone and open up a can o' whoop ass on the so called Medical Technician, Menudo junkie, Doctor Loving, Rosy Perez sounding, b*tch I heard over the phone this morning.

Salute to the Krispy Kreme Die-hards

So I have to take my hat off to the folks that stood out in below freezing temperatures this morning to witness first hand the opening of Rochester's very own Krispy Kreme! Check-out Jenny's play by play. Bravo Folks! I don't know if it was a show of true dedication or the first signs of insanity... I have to admit, even the cold "Kremes" were delectable when I arrived to the office this morning. A quick 10-20 seconds in the microwave and there was enough warmth to recreate the hot doughy goodness that is Krispy Kremes. But what I still don't get is why are they called Krispy when the true experience is sticky and gooey? Who knows...all I know is that I am sold!

Monday, December 04, 2000

Just Catching Up...

The last time I Blogged was last Wednesday which turned out to be a relatively interesting day ending with a 5 pm "all hands" meeting of our organization and an announcement that one of the "Big Guys" was no one's surprise and everyone's elation. I have not been here long enough to feel any emotion either way but what I did notice was the flock of groupies that gathered around the "New Big Guy". Wow! it was amazing to me how we still find it necessary to make sure that we get in early with the ass kissing. It's funny how quickly people's (perceived) loyalties can change as soon as their interests are compromised....but enough of that...

What really topped off the day for me was that I fell down the stairs as I was leaving for the day. My knee gave out and I tumbled backwards down 4 concrete, rubber covered stairs leading to the back exit. (As everyone knows by now, I am 33 weeks preggers so forget my knee and ankle and butt and's the baby!?) It was scary because there was no one around and when I went to get an escort to drive me to my car (which is parked about 2 city blocks away) I was left waiting for over 1/2 hr. with no one in sight so I ended up walking to my car with a twisted knee and ankle. I was sore for the next few days and I feel better now but my little accident---which by the way people remind me everyday how I should be more careful as if I intentionally said to myself..."Boy, I think I will risk 8 months of pregnancy to slip and fall injuring not only myself but an innocent unborn child"---has caused some havoc in my life. I get reprimanded everyday from someone telling me to be careful, I had to call my Doc to see if baby was okay (which he is), this progressed to a visit to the OB/GYN where the nurse practitioner could not distinguish between a fibroid tumor and the baby's head (read the chart next time lady) and then proceeded to send me to the Hospital (freaking out my poor Husband) to get a non-stress test or external Fetal monitoring to see if the baby's heartbeat was okay and within normal active ranges...WHICH HE IS...what a relief! PHEW!

Now the saga is not over yet. As a result of my fall, I was given a Doc's note explaining my situation...poor joints, late term, and weight of that I can go to the parking office at work and get a temp. pass for one of the medical permit spots available closer to the building. I went down there today with note in hand expecting them to be courteous and respectful instead I got a very impotent and apologetic response turfing me to city hall where I can apply for a temporary handicap sticker. Okay, I AM NOT HANDICAPPED! I am an able bodied, 30 yr old woman who would just like to avoid falling down stairs and slipping on ice on my way to and from work for the next 2 freaking months until my baby is born healthy and unbruised! I pissed and ranted to the lady that is in charge of parking with no results. Now I have to either illegally park in visitors and run the risk of getting ticketed or take time off during lunch to WALK 2 blocks to my car, DRIVE 30mins. or so through city traffic to the town hall, STAND in line for who knows how long, DRIVE back to work, WALK the same 2 blocks back, then down 2 flights of stairs to the parking office, HAND in the paperwork from city hall in order to finally park about 20 rows closer to the building which only cuts down the WALKING by 1 city block! Part of me tells me that I should do it on other words, just to see if they will accomodate me if I followed the rules. Another part of me says, screw it...I don't have time for this and I AM NOT HANDICAPPED! It is okay and expected of me to do my own grocery shopping, housework, laundry, and go to work everyday until the due date so why do people have to treat me like a stupid clumsy oaf just because I look like I am concealing a basketball under my shirt. It would be nice if this "condition" helped me get out of doing chores but the reality is, is that it does not. Even though people seem more concerned about your well-being, asking you how you are and how you are feeling, sympathizing with you when you fall or are tired, giving you inane advice on how to walk more carefully, I don't see anyone going out of their way to let me park closer to the building, come to my house to do laundry, load groceries into my car, etc. PHEW! I needed that! The good news is that both the baby and me are fine and still kicking. I have no regrets about the last 7 or so months and I am looking forward to the last 2. All I ask is that I remain on my feet and not continue to bounce down empty stair wells.

Friday, December 01, 2000