Wednesday, February 21, 2001


Wow! It has been quite a roller coaster for the last month. My last entry (as you can tell) was quite a while ago as I was saying farewell to my co-workers and preparing for entry into motherhood. Here is the summary...

1/12/2001 Maternity Leave begins. Choking back tears of fear I said goodbye to great folks and friends at Kodak. Still 2 weeks until official due date 1/28/2001.

Weeks leading up to due date...lots of baby laundry, getting things ready and nesting before the little one arrives. I found that I was even busier and more exhausted being home then when I was working. Sometimes wishing I was back at work. (just kidding)

1/28/2001 Due date comes and goes. My Parents arrive a few days before just in case I go into labor. Dad leaves disappointed because he won't be here when I have the baby and is afraid that I will have to be induced.

1/30/2001 Woke up a little uneasy at 5:30am, read until I felt sleepy, went back to bed to wake up at 9:00am. As I was sitting on the couch chatting with my mom I got my first labor...cramp? Asked my mom to help me time it. Woke Ken up at 10:30am to let him know it was time. Took a shower, washed hair, shaved legs and other areas, got dressed, filled out healthcare proxy and admission paperwork, called doc, tried to eat chix soup, left for hospital, hated trip, sat in triag room for 1 hour, got felt up by resident doc, breathed alot, walked around, dilated somemore, finally got birthing room, breathed heavier, got naked in front of even more docs and a student nurse or two, got in the jacuzzi, breathed more...hoot, hout, 10 hours later...finally got sick of being a tough girl, asked for drugs, got something that made my head spin (felt like I'd been drinking a little), continued to get felt up, drug doc came, hooked me up, breathed easier, 3-4 hrs later, still in labor, pushed some for 30 minutes...out came baby. Phew! Very fun!...okay maybe not so much but definitely an adventure. Got the spa treatment...exercise(laps around the hospital), jacuzzi, back massage, cool wash cloths on forehead and fed ice chips, oh and drugs!

1/31/2001 12:23am Christian James comes into this world all slimy and gnarly but to me and his father he is the most perfect thing in this world. I got to hold him after the Neo-natal docs gave him a once over and it was love a first site. 8lbs 1oz and 20.5 inches of pure love.

2/2/2001 Went Home. Here is the true test. Very good first day. From here the roller coaster gets steeper. We have had our good days, like today where I can actually get on the computer and bad days...where I can't even take a shower but all of it is worth it. Every laugh, tear, and cracked nipple. Thanks to everyone that visited me at the hospital and that sent cards and gifts. Hopefully, I can continue to keep you posted.